Class Membership

Tuition includes one class per week. Once enrolled, tuition is automatically processed at the beginning of each month unless you drop the class in your online account. There are no cancellation or registration fees so you can come and go as you need!


Our training involves gymnastic tumbling, dance, and traditional cheerleading skills such as jumps, stunts, and motions. We’re here to help athletes develop and solidify their skills so that they can advance to higher levels safely. The best part? We get to provide an environment for developing confidence, selflessness, resilience, and teamwork.

Team Opportunities

Our minimum tumbling requirements allow athletes to enjoy the skills they must compete in the routine rather than stress out about them. These requirements also allow you, as a parent, to have complete confidence that your athlete will be on a competitive team.
Prep & Novice
No tumbling requirements necessary (start here!)
Elite Level 1
Minimum tumbling requirement: Back Walkover Switch, Double Back Walkover, Valdez, Cartwheel Double Back Walkover, Front Walkover Cartwheel Back Walkover Switch
Elite Level 2
Minimum tumbling requirement: Valdez Back Handspring, Back Walkover Switch Back Handspring, Back Handspring Step Out Back Walkover Back Handspring, Fly Spring Step out, Front Walkover Roundoff Back Handspring
Elite Level 3
Minimum tumbling requirement: Standing Triple Back Handsprings, Back Handspring Step Out Back Walkover Back Handspring Series, Back Handspring Step Out Back Handspring Series, Roundoff Back Handspring Back Tuck, Front Walkover Roundoff Back Tuck, Roundoff Back Handspring Step Out 1/2 Turn Roundoff Tuck, Front Walkover Side Aerial


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Coach Lauryn

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    Coach Morgan

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      Coach Sarah

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