All athletes will be expected to arrive to practice in complete practice wear with their hair tied back and shoes on. No jewelry at practice; Cali Courage assumes no responsibility for lost jewelry or any valuables. No food, gum, or drinks other than water in the athlete arena. Only designated cheer shoes are allowed on the gym’s floor and equipment. Only athletes and coaches are allowed on the gym’s floor and equipment (no parents or siblings for any reason). Athletes are not allowed to use the equipment without a coach’s supervision.

Uniform & Attire

Please keep all Cali Courage practice wear, warm-ups, clothing, and uniform in good condition. Please report any lost or damaged Cali Courage items to your coach. The cost of replacement will be the responsibility of the athlete. We suggest writing your initials/name inside all of your items.


Attendance is crucial to team success. All athletes are expected to be at every practice and arrive on time. The gym must be notified in writing prior to the missed practice — excused or not. Each unexcused absence will incur a $25 fine. No practice can be missed two weeks prior to competition.

Excused Absences

  • Contagious illness
  • School function that affects grade
  • Family emergencies
  • Vacations during summer


If an injury should occur, it is the responsibility of the athlete’s family to seek professional help. After seeing a physician, please provide Cali Courage with an evaluation of the athlete’s injury/status. A release from a doctor is required if a serious injury should occur.


Punctuality is crucial to team success on competition days and tardies will incur a $25 fee. All team members must wear the warm-ups and be in full uniform for events. Athletes with cropped uniforms must wear their cover-up over their uniforms unless they are in the warm up area, performing on stage, or at awards ceremony. A separate, image policy sheet will be handed out closer to the time of competition. All team members must be present to support each Cali Courage performance.


If any of the above policies are compromised, the athlete may be removed from the team and/or entire program for future seasons.