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Visit us at our own dedicated space, located inside Norcal Indoor Sports at 1460 Tanforan Ave. Woodland, CA 95776

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Join us for our 2016-2017 season!

Welcome to Cali Courage, a new competitive all star cheerleading program located in Woodland, CA! Our training involves gymnastic tumbling, dance, and traditional cheerleading skills such as jumps, stunts, and motions. Our program is designed to help athletes develop and solidify their skills so that they can advance to higher levels safely. Already committed to league or high school cheer? Awesome! We offer a variety of camps and classes as well as private lessons and stunt workshops. One of Cali Courage's driving goals is to help all cheerleaders in becoming the strongest, most versatile athlete that they can be! #CheerIsMySport

  • Periwinkle

    Periwinkle is our mini level team and is comprised of ages 5-8.

  • Spirit

    Spirit is our youth level team and is comprised of ages 11 and younger.

  • Tenacity

    Tenacity is our junior level team and is comprised of ages 14 and younger.

  • Titanium

    Titanium is our senior level team and is comprised of ages 10-18.

Quality training in a safe, positive atmosphere.


We can help with the conditioning and skills needed for success.

Mommy & Me All Stars

For ages 5 and younger


  • This class introduces students to basic gymnastic and cheer terms and skills such as the toe touch, pike, forward and backward roll, handstand, bridge, cartwheel, round-off, and back handspring drills. Students will learn to perform all these skills and more in synchronization to counts.

Tumbling Fundamentals

Next level: Tumbling 1


  • Candlestick to the upright position without using hands
  • Forward roll in a tuck and straddle position
  • Backward roll on wedge mat in a tuck and straddle position
  • Lunge to lever to handstand
  • Cartwheel with straight legs
  • Progressions to a round-off
  • Bridge
  • Backbend with a spot
  • Handstand control to bridge with a spot

Tumbling 1

Next level: Tumbling 2


  • Lunge to handstand with a vertical position
  • Handstand bridge
  • Bridge kickover, back walkover
  • Front limber, front walkover
  • Handstand forward roll with a spot
  • Round off with hollow body
  • Body mechanics of a back handspring
  • Sit, arch, block, hollow back handspring over octagon
  • Power hurdle

Tumbling 2

Next level: Tumbling 3


  • Handstand forward roll
  • Power hurdle round-off rebound
  • Standing back handspring
  • Front handspring, front handspring step out
  • Round-off back handspring rebound
  • Back extension roll to push up
  • Back extension roll to handstand
Tumbling 3


  • Standing back handspring rebound
  • Round-off series rebound
  • Standing series rebound
  • Power hurdle round-off back handspring rebound
  • Power hurdle round-off back handspring rebound onto elevated surface
  • Body mechanics for a front/back tuck
  • Front handspring step out to round-off back handspring
Flight School


  • Flyers can perfect the art of flying high with proper timing, technique, and body position. Flyer specific drills and stretching will strengthen skills while helping athletes progress to the next level. Learn stunts safely in progression under USASF.
Jump Like a Texan


  • Improve cheerleading jumps by stretching, performing, and conditioning, using proper form and technique. Get ready to connect and perfect a series of jumps including the toe touch, pike, double nine, and front hurdlers.
All Buff No Fluff


  • All star cheerleading requires a tremendous amount of strength. This class is geared towards developing explosive, powerful legs as well as the upper body, lower back, and core strength required for this sport. Injuries in tumbling do occur, but they can be minimized by conditioning specific muscle groups.

Back Handsprings

Athletes must master most of the Level 1 skills with consistent execution


  • Standing back handspring
  • Standing two back handsprings
  • Standing three back handsprings
  • Round off back handspring
  • Round off multiple back handsprings
  • Back walkover back handspring
  • Front walkover round off back handspring
  • Toe touch pause back handspring

Cali Courage Staff

Because we love what we do.
Program Owner & All Star Cheer Director
USASF Certified, AACCA Member, CPR & First Aid Certified, Concussion Education & Safety Certified
All Star Cheer Coach
Assistant Tumbling Coach

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